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The Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics is an autonomous government entity in charge of coordinating the government's statistics to ensure data collection systems and statistics are complete, reliable and universally accessible. The Institute is governed by a Board of Directors composed of seven (7) members. The Board establishes the goals and objectives of the organization and insures compliance with its organic Law 2019-2003.


The Board of Directors is responsible for appointing the Executive Director, who is the officer in charge of administering the Institute and overseeing compliance with the public policy set forth by the Board. The appointment of the executive director is for a ten-year term and can only be removed for just cause. At the moment, the executive director position is vacant. The Board is now looking for the ideal candidate to lead the organization into the future.


In order to identify critical areas for organizational growth and guide the appointment process, the Board of Directors recently approved a new strategic plan. The new plan sets three (3) priority areas for the new executive director:   1) Develop an effective operational structure that allows proper management of the Institute; 2) Restructure the Statistical Coordination Committee (SCC) so it can help expand reach and improve effectiveness of the Institute’s  services, (3) Increase external funding by diversifying the services and projects of the Institute.


To ensure an open and transparent selection process, the Board of Directors has formed an advisory committee to assist with the appointment of the executive director. All applicants will be referred to the advisory committee and this group, in turn, will recommend the Board the most suitable candidates.


The member of the advisory group are:


  • Ronald L. Wassertein- Executive Director of American Statistical Association
  • Dr. Rafael Irizarry- professor of biostatistics at Harvard University.
  • Dr. Hector Cordero- Professor of Baruch College at New York City University.
  • Dr. Edwin Meléndez- Executive Director of Center for Puerto Rico Studies at Hunter College
  • Dr. Giovanna Guerrero- Executive Director of CienciaPR
  • Joaquín Villamil- CEO of Estudios Técnicos
  • Dr. Juan Lara- Professor at the University of Puerto Rico
  • Dr. Francisco Montalvo Fiol- Professor of the Inter-American University
  • Dr. Javier Hernández- Director of the Department of Business   Administration of Sagrado Corazón.



  • Doctoral degree from a recognized university in one of the following areas: Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Planning, Demography, or any other related field requiring graduate-level statistics courses.
  • Knowledge of statistical methodology and its applications, management of data and statistical systems, evidenced by professional practice, research or publications.
  • Management or administrative experience..
  • Recognized personal and professional integrity, objectivity and competence in any of the fields of statistics, economics and planning.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish



FUNCTIONS: Responsible for managing, executing and ensuring compliance with the public policy established by Law No. 209-2003, as amended. The appointment is for a term of ten years as established by Law No. 209-2003, as amended, and current regulations of the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics. 


EVALUATION: Candidates will be evaluated based on their competencies in statistics, their education and work experience. In addition, candidates must demonstrate capability to fulfill the duties of the Executive Director, per Law No. 209-2003, and the priority areas identified in the Institute's strategic plan.


Interested persons submit Curriculum Vitae, copy of credit transcript and official grade to or deliver at Calle Quisqueya #57, 2nd floor, Hato Rey.






The Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics offers equality in job opportunities without discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, sex, social or national origin, social status, political affiliation, political or religious ideas, disability, sexual orientation or for being victimized or perceived as a victim of domestic rape,sexual assault or stalking.


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